06 Aug

Viral Video Friday – Geico

Today’s Viral Video Friday goes to Geico. Their new Piggy commercial is the first Geico commercial in their channel to ever go viral… amazingly, out of the 43 commercials posts in their channel, this Piggy one is the first to pass the 1 million views mark, and it did it in less than a week.

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05 Aug

Stat-tacular Old Spice Case Study by W+K

• Old Spice accounted for 75 percent of conversations in the category in the first three months of 2010.

• Half the conversations came from women.

• The YouTube/Twitter social media response campaign was “the fastest-growing and most popular interactive campaign in history.”

• More people watched its videos in 24 hours than those who watched Obama’s presidential victory speech. (Which most of us can agree is kinda sad.)

• Total video views reached 40 million in a week.

• Campaign impressions: 1.4 billion.

• Since the campaign launched, Old Spice Bodywash sales are up 27 percent; in the last three months up. 55 percent; and in the last month up 107 percent.

NOTE: These stats are for the entire campaign, mostly TV and traditional. The sales numbers were taken from June, before the social media component even launched. Impressive nonetheless. For unofficial social media specific stats please refer to my previous post.

04 Aug

Inspiration: The Power of “Why”

A very inspirational video from the TED conference was shared with me by our friends in the Brisbane office this week that I think is really profound.
It shows a simple but powerful model for inspirational leadership all starting with a golden circle and the question “Why?”. I think the thinking can be applied to any business, brand challenge, or internal leadership challenge.
Whether you are an entrepreneur, a creative type, a consultant, or a team leader you will definitely take something positive away from this.

27 Jul

Shanghai Apple Store Tour

I finally managed to get over to the Apple store in Shanghai today. Even though I’m unabashedly addicted to technology I’m not the type to hang out in the long opening lines, but I was thrilled to come see the amazing new location today with some of the team from SapientNitro. It’s everything you’d expect of Apple’s flagship store for China. It’s beautiful, ambitious, and as with most things in Shanghai… BIG. I ended up filming the experience on my iPhone 4 (appropriately), edited it in iMovie, and then uploaded for your pleasure.


Shanghai Apple Store from Freddie Laker on Vimeo.