04 Aug

Inspiration: The Power of “Why”

A very inspirational video from the TED conference was shared with me by our friends in the Brisbane office this week that I think is really profound.
It shows a simple but powerful model for inspirational leadership all starting with a golden circle and the question “Why?”. I think the thinking can be applied to any business, brand challenge, or internal leadership challenge.
Whether you are an entrepreneur, a creative type, a consultant, or a team leader you will definitely take something positive away from this.

27 Jul

Shanghai Apple Store Tour

I finally managed to get over to the Apple store in Shanghai today. Even though I’m unabashedly addicted to technology I’m not the type to hang out in the long opening lines, but I was thrilled to come see the amazing new location today with some of the team from SapientNitro. It’s everything you’d expect of Apple’s flagship store for China. It’s beautiful, ambitious, and as with most things in Shanghai… BIG. I ended up filming the experience on my iPhone 4 (appropriately), edited it in iMovie, and then uploaded for your pleasure.


Shanghai Apple Store from Freddie Laker on Vimeo.

21 Jul

Adobe for iPad – Need to Step up on Experience

Last month I wrote why Apple doesn’t allow Adobe near the iPhone. Today, Adobe is trying to get into the iPad … Adobe will roll out new publishing software for tablets. This new software, which will soon take its place in the Creative Suite pantheon, will be downloadable from Adobe Labs and will include tools that bridge the gap between print-oriented InDesign and software for interactive formats.

Adobe released a video showcasing the new capabilities, available to watch at Adobe TV and embedded below. You will noticed they added tons of capabilities around content … such switching images, embedding video and rich content … but it’s all about content? What about gesture navigation? what about the experience? For how long will Adobe keep missing the experience aspect that makes Apple, Apple.

The new magazine experience in a tablet is not based on technical capabilities of the tablet, it’s all about providing a richer experience to the user… making it more natural, seamless, human per-se.

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15 Jul

The Old Spice Social Media Campaign Stats

I am so glad I [accidentally] decided to write about the Old Spice videos last Friday, prior to the social media campaign launch. The Old Spice simple and clever social media campaign has been running for the past 48 hours, allowing fans, influencers, and random people get their own personalized Old Spice video response by Tweeting, through Facebook, or Youtube commects … amazing! Full review by Mashable is pretty good.

Inevitably and as expected, the videos got views, but following rapidly increased across all channels.

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