Small Agency Thinking to Sell? Why Not Buy?

It was announced yesterday that, Wrigley’s premier gaming site, would be sold to a new third party. has long been hailed as a trend setter in branded entertainment sites boasting well over 5M unique visitors per month with hundred of high quality Flash games. The new entity, Funktank, is a sister company to […]

Reaching Your Audience and The New Creative Process

PART II OF THE “TREND WATCHING TO GAIN A COMPETITIVE EDGE IN MARKETING” SERIES: True loyalty – and the word of mouth buzz that comes with it – evolves naturally from the great experiences you have with a company over time. Notably great experiences are punctuated by a moment of “wow”. Sometimes it’s when the […]

iPhone Users and Developers Rejoice – Behold iFund!

If anyone doubted the momentum behind the value of iPhone applications this should give them something to ponder. The investment firm KPCB has created a new fund dedicated to investing in cutting edge iPhone applications that leverage the functionality that is available in Apple’s latest release. Shockingly it’s called the iFund – I know you […]

Behavioral Targeted Advertising

Imagine a world where advertising is so targeted that it is actually welcomed by the users. I know, most users don’t like any types of ads; it is understandable nowadays, since publishers try to squeeze ads anywhere and everywhere they can… there are multiple types of ads: disruptive (try to force the ad thru), user […]