Smart TV security: When TV watches you

If you’ve ever watched a television show aimed at children, you’ll notice that the characters often break the fourth wall to interact with their pint-sized audiences. The actors will pause after they ask a question in anticipation of a tiny voice shouting the answer on the other side of the screen. Children come to believe that the characters on TV can see and hear them just as clearly as they can see Big Bird and Sid the Science Kid.

Why the video industry should be leveraging temporal metadata

  Temporal metadata isn’t currently being leveraged by the video industry — but it should be. No single development would be more important to the evolution of video, both online and offline, than evolving from today’s top level, directory-powered descriptions to a more robust, second-by-second metadata-driven system. This sea change will transform how users interact […]

Smart TV Is Just Around the Living Room Corner

With over 400 million people predicted to have Smart TVs by 2016, there is an impending “appification” of the TV that presents an enormous opportunity for brands, content creators and media companies. But chances are, few reading this blog have considered rethinking their content strategies for Smart TV consumption, not to mention the accompanying monetization models.

What Will Make Consumers Care About Smart TVs?

  The biggest problem facing Smart TVs is that their far smaller cousins, the Smartphone, have set the bar in consumer expectations. So here is what we have to do to actually make consumers care about Smart TVs. Get Smarter At Guide, one of our key insights—as simple as it may sound—is that people want TV […]

Cannes Review > AOL Seminar

Monday, 20 June. Review for The Re-Calibration of Form and Function Online by AOL, presented by Tim Armstrong, CEO – AOL, and Arianna Huffington – Co-founder, Editor-in-Chief – The Huffington Post. Huffington Post: Adrianna opened up, she’s extremely charismatic, funny, and overall a great entertainer. Overall she provided a lot more entertainment than good content, but […]

The World After Advertising

I was asked to give the opening keynote at The World After Advertising conference in Düsseldorf, Germany, back in November 2010; where I presented a PoV on the future of advertising and the digital landscape – focusing heavily on user experience driven by data & technology. The keynote covers relations between people and brands, the evolution […]

Viral Video Monday – Tweet It

Another great one for our Viral Video Mondays: A decidedly tech-flavored parody of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” featuring iPads, iPhones and Twitter. Straight from the twisted minds of the Pantless Knights — the same guys who brought you “New Dork” and “I’m on a Mac” — comes “Tweet It,” a reimagining of “Beat It” that pits iPads versus iPhones.

Viral Video Monday – Sesame Street

I meant to post this Friday, so let’s change my Viral Video Fridays series just for once. It’s amazing how brands love to use someone else’s big splash and ride it for their own … after the amazing success of the Old Spice campaign, many brands chose to follow the same spot archetype — which […]

Viral Video Friday – Panda

Panda, an Egyptian manufacturer of cheese and dairy products, has dramatically revamped its advertising 4 months ago thanks to boutique agency Elephant Cairo. The agency sold the client the ‘crazy idea’ that if you don’t like Panda products, eat Panda products or refuse a Panda sandwich, the Panda will kick your ass. The campaign is called “Never […]