The World After Advertising

I was asked to give the opening keynote at The World After Advertising conference in Düsseldorf, Germany, back in November 2010; where I presented a PoV on the future of advertising and the digital landscape – focusing heavily on user experience driven by data & technology. The keynote covers relations between people and brands, the evolution […]

Diminished Reality – Remove Objects from Videos

Ever heard of diminished reality? It’s much like the augmented reality, except instead of using computers to add visuals, it’s about taking things out in real time. That easy enough with a still image, perhaps, but not so simple with video…  Technical University of Ilmenau’s figured it out, just draw a circle around the object you want […]

The Future of the Book by IDEO

Everyone by now must have had a discussion about future of books, magazines, newspapers, etc. You’ve probably seen Wired on the iPad, the Sports Illustrated Tablet Demo, any many more. IDEO, respected company for their innovation and product design, came up with 3 concepts for the future of the book.

UX: Screens Of The Future

At its Open Innovation Experiment, Swedish software technology and design company TAT (The Astonishing Tribe) released a spectacular video showing a glimpse of possible screen technology of the future. They predict that we will have malleable screens, screens that are built into mirrors connected with Wi-Fi, e-ink touch screens and several others that can only […]

Facebook Places Live

Earlier today Facebook finally announced the official launch of Facebook places. Mashable, ReadWriteWeb, and others covered it live, but if you missed the announcement, here’s what you have to know. BTW, one thing no one is talking about yet is Places within the Graph API. You can query recent checkins by users, pages, places: GET […]

SapientNitro at SXSW 2011

It always amazed me how SXSW calls for speakers about 11 months in advanced and has to lock down all sessions 6 months in advanced. Of course there could be some timeless sessions that will always make sense, but it’s hard to know how topics will be relevant 9 months from now … With that […]

Coke + Village + Teens + RFID = Influence

This is a smart move on Coke’s end. Everyone knows that Coke mainly targets teens, and what if instead of marketing to teens, you get teens come to you, promote you, share, chat, and advocate your brand? Dream came true … Coke organized this experimental amazing hangout villa they called The Coca Cola Village. They’ve […]