The Lifestyle of a Digital Nomad

  What If You Went On A Permanent Vacation?   After spending 3 incredible weeks in Asia, I’ve just returned to “reality” in NYC. Reluctantly, I said goodbye to reading by the pool, copious amounts of exotic food, magnificent firework displays in Bali and 10am mocktails by the ocean.   But, guess what?   For […]

The only advice you need when you are interviewing

In today’s blogosphere littered with self-help articles and how-to guides, finding the right piece of interviewing advice can be both exhausting and elusive. So what’s the single most important piece of interview advice that I can give? MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND THE QUESTIONS Sound simple, right? Not so much. Even the most dedicated planner may […]

Strategic Offsites: 5 Steps to Success

According to Sun Tsu, the ancient Chinese military strategist, “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”  These words were just as relevant then as they are now for today’s business leaders. If you’re worrying that your strategic plan is missing part of the picture, or […]

My Most Prized Possession… 31 Years of Flights

This week I had a friend make a digital copy of my log book that I’ve been keeping since I was a kid. It has every flight I’ve ever taken in it since I was just over 3 months old. I’ve accumulated over 700 flights and 150 trans Atlantic crossings and I still take it […]

My Big Prediction For 2019

I was out with some friends having a drink tonight when the conversation sparked a memory of a big prediction I had a couple years back. Everyone thought it was a bit nuts, but in the interest of making it public record I’m going to share this prediction with you. Why do I need to […]

Best Customer Complaint Letter Ever?

A friend sent me a great article at the Telegraph that apparently represents an angry customer writing to Sir Richard Branson. I intend to verify it’s true, but just for fun I feel compelled to post the letter as it might be the best customer complain letter ever. For the record I’m a Virgin loyalist […]

The Future of Music Videos

As some of you may know I’m a total music fanatic. I’ve always felt my love of music in it’s own round-about way started my career in the online space. Maybe this is why I have never wavered from my fascination of watching the music world collide with the cultural and technological revolution that is […]