Why Keds Is Consumer Obsessed And You Should Be Too

Marketing isn’t always about the newest omnichannel tools and cutting customer acquisition costs. For Keds, the iconic casual sneaker brand worn by stars worldwide, it always starts and ends with the consumer.  Chameleon Collective partner, Veronika Sonsev, talked to Emily Culp (CMO of Keds) and found out why strategizing with a consumer-first mentality proves so […]

The Secrets To Profitably Acquiring Customers On Facebook

Chameleon Collective Partner, Veronika Sonsev, recently interviewed Facebook marketing pro Emily Hickey who shared her playbook on driving super-aggressive Facebook growth for retailers and start-ups. This is the full interview, originally published in Forbes.   Advertising on social is an ever-evolving area of customer acquisition. It’s increasingly challenging to acquire customers in a way that generates […]