The Significance of Flash 10 on Mobile Devices

As Rob pointed out in an earlier post Adobe announced that Flash 10 would be released for mobile devices with an ARM processor in 2009. It’s easy to skate past this fairly technical sounding press release if you’re in the marketing world, but the implications of what this will do to the mobile marketing landscape(…)

Adobe Max Day 1: Keynote

First big announcement is that there’s a new emphasis on the Flash Platform – as originally called by Macromedia in 2005. Flash, Flex, AIR, and Thermo are just tools to develop experiences using the Flash Runtime, and apparently all these names are just confusing people. Adobe decided to consolidate everything into one platform and market(…)

Holy mother of God…. This is nuts…

This just absolutely rocked my world. Enjoy for some Friday Fun! * The TV ad was shot using 200 Toshiba Gigashot Cameras: the highest number of moving image cameras ever used in a film sequence * This particular technique, viewing looping action in 360 degrees, has never been done before *The time spent processing footage(…)

Google Earth on iPhone and iPod

Google Earth was released for the iPhone and IPod in the last two weeks. It had a fairly under the radar launch by Google’s standards. I finally got a chance to play with it this week while working from my hotel. It’s free and definitely worth checking out. It’s particularly cool how it works with(…)

Even Post Election Obama Proves He Takes Digital Seriously.

Even Post Election Obama Proves He Takes Digital Seriously.

Obama’s digital team is hard at work again. Within 24 hours of winning the historic voite was launched. The new site transitions the focus away from winning the vote and on to streamlining the transitional period and establishing an ongoing dialog with the citizens of the United States. The commitment to digital as a(…)

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